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Drawing Forth is dedicated to support the best of what it means to educate. 
The Latin root of the word educate (edu-care) means to draw forth. It is my belief that the essence of education is a process of drawing forth the best in each human being.  My name is Steven Fletcher (most of my life known as Steve Fletcher) and this site hosts my blog along with links to some sites I support, host or just plain love!

Steven Fletcher
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No human can ever adequately describe another or even describe one's own self. We are all a lot worse and a lot better than anything that's ever been said about us. Never-the-less, here is a sketch of myself. 

I was born in a small town in northern California (Healdsburg), the son of a great teacher, Robert Fletcher (a real educator) and a mother Frances (Green) Fletcher, who was not just my mother, but my spiritual guide. They both inspired me in ways that this small article can't do justice to. When I was 16 we moved to Palo Alto, California so my father could go to Stanford University and get his Ed.D. He was 50 years old. After a year at Palo Alto High School, I got a wonderful job at Beckman Instruments (Spinco Division) and attended Foothill College. I had a few good teachers and one that was a great teacher. That great teacher was Mrs. Connie Mundrick **. (If anyone knows where she is please contact me so I can drop whatever I am doing and go visit her to say thank you.) After two English courses with Mrs. Mundrick I began to write poetry continuously. Then came songs, then many years later, short stories. There are many events in my life that this sketch does not have room for. After that experience there was life in Canada, Swaziland, Chuuk, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, China and a lot of travel in between. Oh, and two special children, Themba and Thabo and two wonderful daughters-in-law, Kerri and Jenifer, and four grandchildren, Emmett, Samuel, Calliope and Ariadne.

Now, I am married to Liu Haiping and live in John Day, Oregon. I taught in Lanzhou University from 2014 to 2016 and at Guizhou University from 2010 to 2014. I guess you could say I am following in my father's footsteps. Also along the way there was a BA degree in Expressive Arts (Sonoma State University), an MA on "The Use of Stories for Healing and Growth" (Excelsior College), a PhD. in "Higher Education and Social Change" (Western Institute for Social Research) plus a number of business and non-profit enterprises.  A couple of anthologies of short stories are still in print along with five CD's. (You can get them from Peaceful Pages). I finished working on a book for children called Conversations With a Small Yellow Butterfly Named Nevada which I hope will be in print soon. I am working on my bucket list. Recently, I got my Amatuer Radio license which has been a dream since I was about 10 years-old.

I love music and I love education and I love cultures. By cultures I don't mean the opera and the theater, but the way common people think and live - wherever they live - in huts made of mud and grass with smiles on their faces or working in sun-bleached fishing boats. If you're interested there is more of my philosophical musings on my blog. You're always welcome here.

People often ask me if I have a belief. Yes, I have a belief system that is centered around the unity of mankind. If you wish to know more you can take a look at the following web sites:  http://www.bahai.org/  http://reference.bahai.org/en/  http://bahai.cn/
If you have any comments, thoughts, or questions about subjects like the nature of life, the relationship between individuals and society, the purpose and importance of marriage, the beauty and importance of education, the relationship between science and religion, the relationship between our material and spiritual life or any other related question please contact me. I love exploring such topics as does my wife.

If you are a teacher or future teacher or just interested in education (and parenting) you are welcome to join my QQ discussion group called "Edu Care". The QQ number is: 312134252.

There are two people in the world I would like to find: my old freind Tom Blackman and my teacher, mentioned above, Mrs. Connie Mundrick **, formally of Foothill College. If anyone can help me find either of these people, kindly contact me here through my Unified Thinking site.

** Today, July 3rd, 2019, after 54 years of trying to locate my dear teacher, I found her and spoke with her on the phone. Today is a great day!!!

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